Investment property: Two guest houses in Ustka for sale

Two guest houses in Ustka for sale
Owner (direct offer)
  • sale
sale procedure underway
building complex
0.109 ha
  • tourism, sport and recreation
  • hotel, conference or training centre
  • resort
  • guesthouse
  • services
  • spa treatment services
  • catering services
  • spa & wellness
  • electrical network
    1 m
  • water supply
    5 m
  • gas network
    5 m
  • sewage
    5 m
  • storm drain
  • telecommunication network
    5 m
  • single owner
  • regulated legal status, claim free
  • adopted local development plan
  • development can be launched immediately
  • fenced property
  • illuminated area
  • monitored area
up to 0.5 m
  • hotel
  • guesthouse
  • residential
  • services
776 m2
  • electrical installation
  • water supply installation
  • gas supply installation
  • sewage installation
  • central heating
  • telecommunication installation
  • other
15 m
50 %
  • sea
  • park
  • forest
  • sports and recreation area
  • sport objects
  • swimming pool
  • tourist attractions
  • hiking trails
  • restaurant
  • single-family residential buildings
  • public transportation stop
1 km
200 m
150 km
17 km
For sale, two neighboring guest houses in Ustka - a picturesque seaside town.
The guest houses are fully equipped
In the period from June to October guest rooms are rented for patients on rehabilitation stays (rehabilitation of the disabled with State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled funding)
In addition, there is a possibility to run sports camps in January and February each year - accommodation and catering facilities for training athletes (near a sports hall, football pitches, multifunctional fields)
The guest houses provide a high rate of return on capital and the running of existing business will enable self-financing of the purchase of a guest house from a bank loan.
The complex includes two buildings that can accommodate up to 57 people at one time (one tour coach.)

1 Guest house No. 1 - 550 m2 plot, fenced, 12-year old building with an area. total 406 m2, 3-storey. The facility currently provides 20 -21 beds with the possibility of increasing up to 30 beds in the case of including a residential part to the hotel part, a wheelchair-accessible ramp for wheelchair users, a backyard parking for 6 cars. All rooms with bathrooms.
Ground floor: a canteen for 80 persons, boiler room (hot water and heating: gas stove + solar panels, fireplace with a water jacket additionally heats the whole building, TV + TV (TV sets in all rooms);
1st floor: 3-person room, 3-4-person room, 2-person room;
Second floor: two rooms, 3 persons, one room for 4 persons, one room for 2 persons.
A separate second entrance at the back of the building leads to independent 2 apartments:
a / flat on the first floor, two-room with kitchen (with the possibility of inclusion in the hotel base), large terrace;
b / flat on the second floor, two-room with a small balcony (with the possibility of including into the hotel base);
Including the residential part in the hotel area will increase the number of beds for 10 people
Hotel type equipment, object categorized by the local tourist organization in Ustka - has the highest category.

2 - Guest House No. 2 - plot of 540 m2, fenced, 3 storey with an area of 370m2, renovated completely. Total 25-27 beds, all rooms with bathrooms.
Ground floor: Rehabilitation Area, ie physiotherapeutic and sauna rooms, with all permissions and the Pomeranian Governor's license (area about 100 m2), one double room for wheelchair users,
1st floor: two rooms for 3 persons, one room for 2 persons and one apartment for 3-4 persons with kitchen.
Second floor: one room for 4-5 persons, one room for 3-4 persons, one room for 3 persons and one room for 2 persons. Most rooms have balconies. The rooms are suitable for wheelchair users, moving on crutches, deaf and visually impaired persons, as well as for people with other illnesses.
The object has an entry in the register of Pomeranian Governor's centers, in which rehabilitation stays may be held, confirmed by the concession No. 22/24/17 valid until 29.01.2021. (the license is renewable every 3 years).
The object can also be, after a small adaptation, a perfect place for a retirement home or other health care facility (in the Local Development Plan "Healthcare Facilities" with the permission to increase the building by one floor). The Center has valid permissions of The State Sanitary Inspection for the Rehabilitation Clinic, as well as the consent for collective nutrition.
In the first year of operation, all relevant licenses can be transferred to the new owner.
The current owner offers his experience enabling full occupancy of the facility for the rehabilitation of disabled people (for a commission). Further help in the organization of sports camps cannot be ruled out as well. The current owner is ready to show prospective buyers records of revenues from the last 3 years of operation.

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