Investment property: An agrotouristic estate located in the forest

An agrotouristic estate located in the forest
  • sale
building complex
6.1 ha
  • tourism, sport and recreation
  • resort
  • guesthouse
  • holiday apartment
  • agritourism
  • electrical network
  • local wastewater treatment plant
  • other
    deep well
  • single owner
  • property in an ecologically protected zone
  • property in a protected landscape zone
  • property by the lake
  • guesthouse
  • residential
  • services
587 m2
very good
  • electrical installation
  • water supply installation
  • sewage installation
  • central heating
  • telecommunication installation
  • lake
  • forest
  • sports and recreation area
  • marina
  • tourist attractions
  • hiking trails
  • farming area
54 km
An unusual property located in the forest. The entire area offered for sale covers an area of 6,1042 hectares, of which about 1.8 hours is a fenced area with buildings, and the rest is well kept meadows and forests.
Gostkowo is located on the border of two beautiful lands - Drawskie Lakedistrict and Bytowskie Lakedistrict. The estate is surrounded by nature in its purest form - it is located in the forest's wilderness, in the Protected Landscape Area, near one of the cleanest lakes in Poland - the Bobięcińskie Lake. A dirt road leads to the shore of the lake, and the shore is suitable for bathing.
The area is suitable for active rest, numerous walking and cycling routes leading through the surrounding forests offer beautiful views. The possibility of mushroom picking in the surrounding forests, swimming in the lake, or fishing certainly enhances the rest in this place. At a distance of 4 kilometers, the village of Gołogóra is located, and around 10 km from Gostków is the village of Żydowo, where there is a grocery store and a church.
The nearest large city - Koszalin, is located approximately 54 km DK11. To the seaside towns - Mielno, Unieście, it is about 66 km, to Łazy is 61 km, and to Darłowo - about 62 km.
Description of the property
A very neat and comfortable agrotouristic estate is an oasis for lovers of rest amidst beautiful landscapes, greenery and water.
Within the real estate there are residential buildings adapted for rent and utility buildings.
The property has tourist and holiday functions. It is a fully equipped, working business, ready to welcome guests throughout the year. It can also be a comfortable holiday place for the owners.
The property has its own deep water intake. Internet is available on the premises.
1. A residential and holiday building - 258.36 m2
In the all-year brick house there are three comfortable apartments: 1. a comfortable and spacious apartment with three bedrooms, living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen and two bathrooms, 2. apartment with two bedrooms, living room with kitchen, bathroom and basement, 3. apartment with a spacious room connected to the kitchen + bathroom. The house is heated by a dual-function solid fuel stove.
2. Holiday house 1 - 47.38 m2
The detached wooden one-storey house has a comfortable large covered terrace, a spacious living room with kitchen and dining room, two triple bedrooms and a bathroom.
3. Holiday house 2 - 46.25 m2
A detached wooden one-storey house equipped with a comfortable covered terrace, a living room with a dining room and kitchen, a bathroom and one double bedroom. The house is adjoined by a room with a steam sauna, a bathroom and a place to relax after a session in the sauna. The sauna has a separate entrance and is available to all guests.
4. Holiday house 3 (semi-detached) - 90.66 m2
Apartment with a large living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and bathroom and a comfortable covered terrace.
5. Holiday house 4 (semi-detached) - 70.09 m2
Two triple rooms with bathrooms. Both rooms have separate entrances from a large, comfortable, roofed terrace. For both rooms, a comfortable, bright kitchen with a dining and sitting area has been designated.
6. Utility building 1 - 15,23 m2
7. Utility building 2 - 35.52 m2
A wooden utility building with a part separated for a shed.
8. Utility building 3 - 65.95 m2
Garage with workshop. A heating stove in the room.
9. Garden cellar - 5.78 m2
The sum of usable space of buildings - 578.84 m2.
All cabins are equipped with grills. All houses used for rent are fully equipped with furniture, household appliances and tv-sets. They have efficient water and sewage systems. Apart from the all-year-round house, the remaining houses are equipped with electric heating.
Elements of plot development
Two separate entry gates leads to the fenced built-up area. Gostków residents have at their disposal a fenced playground, equipped with play equipment and a fenced parking lot created especially for guests visiting the estate.
There are two ponds on the offered area - fish and swimming. The bath pond is divided into two parts, one creates a natural reservoir with fauna and flora, the other is separated from the first by a stone dyke. The other part is filled with clear water, and has the bottom, rim, and gentle descent into the water that are suitable for swimming for both adults and children. The water in the swimming pond is filtered. The water in the swimming pond heats up quickly and maintains the optimal temperature for bathing throughout the season. At the beach by the bathing pond a charming picnic place was created, with a beautifully tidy lawn, table and benches. Both ponds are equipped with small piers, from which you can observe the life of aquatic creatures.
For guests there is a fully equipped bonfire area.
The estate also has three woodsheds, a fenced vegetable garden with an apiary and a smokehouse, a brick grill, and a greenhouse.
A large wooden gazebo, equipped with a table, benches and grill, is located near the residential and holiday building.
A beautiful setting for buildings is a long-standing, extremely well-groomed, diverse plants of great value, beautiful trees, charming shrubs and flowers.
1,879,000 PLN

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