Investment property: Resort / hotel by the beach for sale

Resort / hotel by the beach for sale
Ustronie Morskie
Ustronie Morskie
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sale procedure underway
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very good
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  • restaurant
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  • public transportation stop
105 km
Szczecin - Goleniow Airport
149 km
We offer year-round resort / hotel situated 50m from the beach in Ustronie Morskie for sale. The price is gross and negotiable. The hotel is operating with a very high level of occupancy year-round, (mainly customers from abroad). The hotel has a total of 37 one-two-three-bed rooms and suites. The kitchen and restaurant are fully equipped. The object has spa and treatment facilities including a hot tub, sauna, gym, spa with rooms base to carry out treatments and massages. The property is to be sold fully equipped. The property is after renovation (the last one in 2012). It has already signed agreements guaranteeing occupancy for 2017 and the beginning of 2018 that can be taken over by the buyer. The hotel has contracts and long-term cooperation in the coming years with large foreign travel agencies.

A four-storey building, with basement, with a flat roof, a freestanding building. On the southern side of the first floor has a terrace. The building has a modern panoramic lift. The elevator shaft is located on the outer wall of the building. Foundations - footings of reinforced concrete. Walls - built of small size bricks. Ceilings - reinforced concrete prefabricated elements. Stairs - reinforced concrete clad in ceramic type tiles, wooden handrails inside the building, polished metal outside the building. Bituminous roof membrane. Flashings, gutters and downspouts - galvanized steel and PVC plastic. Balconies and terraces - concrete, metal and brick railings. Windows with PVC profiles, aluminum exterior doors, side PVC doors automatically opened, wooden internal doors. Floors - ceramic tiles in the main lobby and treatment rooms, restaurant - PVC flooring, rooms and corridors – carpet. Plaster - cement-lime and gypsum. Internal linings - in bathrooms, kitchens and part of treatment rooms - tiles, wood paneling in the sauna. Exterior plaster - structural, insulated with Styrofoam, plinth encased in polished ceramic tiles.

The main electric switch box in the basement of a building equipped with remote reading. Water supply - the whole system with the technology of PVC, each room has a separate shut-off valve. Gas - two independent electronically controlled Buderus gas furnaces, in the boiler room alarm system and gas detector, two independent boilers for hot water. Telephone - automatic telephone exchange recording all calls from hotel rooms with automatic printing and billing for calls. Telephones in each room, office, restaurant, treatment rooms and corridor. Ventilation – ventilation system in restaurant with reheating function during the winter. Alarm - detectors located in the ground floor and in the basement of the building, in addition to emergency call function. Wireless internet. TV - Satellite TV. Monitoring - 3 external and 6 internal cameras - video recording and storing in the memory up to 3 months, remote viewing of all cameras. Hotel information systems - the hotel reservations program PLAZA and catering program GASTRO, separate POS (point of sale) at the restaurant and the kitchen, equipped with a system allowing waiter PDAs to send orders directly to the kitchen or the bar. There are modern and well-equipped treatment facilities, a gym and sauna. It features a restaurant with a summer garden, café, drink bar and pizzeria. The modern and well-equipped kitchen and a restaurant can handle at one time more than 130 guests. In high season dance events with live music are organized.
5,800,000 PLN

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