Our services

ProInvestData.com is a database of real estate properties that can be used to develop tourist profile projects. We are particularly interested in expanding our database by adding commercial properties located in popular tourist destinations as well as historic properties, including those requiring renovation, that can be used as a base for hotels, guesthouses, spa facilities and luxurious residential complexes.

ProInvestData's services include entering and online publication of information materials showcasing commercial real estate, providing potential investors with all the basic information necessary when making investment decisions.

We also offer pofessional advice and help in selecting the best form of financing the purchase of real estate.

ProInvestData's database can be used to:

  • enter, modify, and delete data related to real estate,
  • draft property outlines on an online map,
  • upload property photos,
  • attach documents (e.g. additional maps or official document scans), making them directly available to potential investors.

Information in our database covers (among others):

  • property location (with property borders shown on an online map)
  • transaction type (e.g. sale, contribution to a public-private partnership, contribution to a company)
  • transportation access (distance to various transport infrastructure, e.g. motorway, passenger airport, etc.),
  • zoning,
  • available infrastructure, e.g. electrical network, water, gas, heating, sewage, as well as industrial infrastructure, e.g. unloading ramps, railway sidings, etc.
  • immediate neighborhood, allowing to estimate property potential with regard to tourist activities,
  • tourist infrastructure in the area, e.g. ski lifts, marinas, sport objects, hiking trails, etc.,
  • natural environment (e.g. location near a lake, sea or forest).

Additional services

For select properties we provide a range of additional services, including pro-investment promotion and preparation of presentation materials.

Depending on the type of property and the expectations of our clients, presentations may include detailed information regarding the property, aerial videos, professional photographs and 360° interactive virtual tours.

This kind of presentation can in an attractive, clear and precise way convey all relevant information regarding the actual property as well as its surroundings.

Our services can support the sale process of a broad range of real estate: hotels, guesthouses, spa resorts, historic buildings, apartment buildings, plots of land designated for tourism projects, etc.

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