Investment property: PALACE + residential building + 2.06 ha park

PALACE + residential building + 2.06 ha park
  • sale
sale procedure underway
castle, palace, court
2.06 ha
  • tourism, sport and recreation
  • hotel, conference or training centre
  • services
  • spa & wellness
  • single owner
  • regulated legal status, claim free
    The property is free from any law flaws. The present owner did not benefit from any financial support (EU and national), which leaves such a possibility for a new owner.
  • fenced property
  • property has a notable touristic, landscape, historic or cultural value
  • architectural conservation supervision required
  • hotel
  • historic
1,800 m2
- Built-up area - 536 m2
- Usable area - 1,800 m2
- Cubic - 6300 m3, with a loft of 10 000 m3
The building in the park:
- 400 m2 built-up area
- 360 m2 of usable area
high standard but the first floor refurbish is not completed
  • electrical installation
  • water supply installation
  • sewage installation
  • telecommunication installation
  • other
    central heating installation with a modern furnace for coal pellets
  • park
34 km
85 km
Wroclaw Airport
48 km
The property is located:
- 2 km from Namysłow
- 48 km from Opole
- 50 km from Wroclaw.
Both the palace and the park were designed in eclectic style. The palace and landscaped park falls perfectly into line with the architecture trends reigning in second half of the nineteenth century – including the dominant effect of the beauty and mystery, romance and picturesqueness.
Undoubtedly, this effect was achieved through a combination of majestic architecture with the surrounding nature.

Visible divisions of the palace facade corresponds to the layout of the interior - especially the ground floor part which reflect the splendor of the former residence. The axis of the composition is a hall and a garden room with a terrace and park. Beautiful interior is complemented with the original neo-baroque, neo-classical and art nouveau stucco. Monumental and majestic staircase adds the building a truly palatial character.
The staircase ceiling is topped with rich stucco decoration. In the palace there is also a second, completely independent staircase leading from the basement to the first floor and attic.
The building also has three completely independent entrances from the west, north and east. The palace has got full basement.
Very high, bright and airy palace rooms with large windows are ideal for adaptation to different functions, including hotel rooms with bathrooms. One large room with a height of approx. 6 meters with four pillars is located on the lower level. The room is ideal for a wine bar, drink bar or pool.

The park was designed in eclectic style that combined the English landscape park with French style flower garden in front of the southern facade of the palace. In the park with a total area of more than two hectares, there are huge trees and shrub groups exposed on the well-kept lawn. Old trees numbering 130 pieces present in the park, some large beeches (common, red leaf), oaks, plane trees, linden (fine and broad), hornbeam, elm, ash, black locust, poplar, black pines, larches and many other species . The park has many specimens ranging in size from 3 m to 5.5 m in trunk circumference. Dozens of species of trees and shrubs can be found in the park.
The area from the south and west is surrounded by an old high brick wall and from the northern and eastern by a mesh fence.

The building in the park - after a major refurbishment!
The facility has 11 rooms (one of 60 m2) with bathrooms, kitchen, a boiler with a modern boiler for coal pellet with automatic feeder.
There is a paved square to be used for parking.

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2,600,000 PLN

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