Investment property: Paszkowka Palace 4 star hotel, conference center

Paszkowka Palace 4 star hotel, conference center
Owner (direct offer)
  • sale
    Land and Mortgage Register free of any encumbrance
    The facility located on two separate plots (two Land and Mortgage Register numbers), opportunity to purchase one of the facilities
    affordable price, negotiable, established pursuant to the valuation drawn up by a bank’s expert (available to be reviewed on request)
    full set of documents available
    - fixed assets count
    - intangible assets count
    - financial documents of the company (access to the accounts)
    both the facilities and the company carrying out the business activity are for sale

  • rent/lease
    The lease options are as follows:
    the entire complex
    separate lease of the Palace building / the Granary building
    lease of the hotel / lease of the restaurant
  • contribution to a company
    Majority shareholder: current owner, with a financial share in the undertaking amounting to approx. PLN 20m (EUR 5m).
    Minority shareholder (Junior Partner): expertise and work input, as well as cash subsidy for the company; cash refund will be secured with mortgage.

    1. Return of contribution in a short time period– profit guaranteed.
    2. Additional opportunity of making profit:
    a) share in sale profit of the property for the minimum price specified hereinabove by the partners;
    b) share in the present profits made by the hotel during the partnership.

    Managing the hotel during the project, improving the hotel’s image, preparing it for sale and carrying out the sale itself.
    Cash investment
    Minimum time period during which the project will be implemented – until Poland enters the Euro zone (monetary union)

    Before the cooperation begins, the contract (cooperation agreement) shall be drawn up and negotiated to both Parties’ satisfaction; it will detail the Parties’ rights and obligations with regard to the planned undertaking.
sale procedure underway
castle, palace, court
4.5 ha
  • tourism, sport and recreation
  • hotel, conference or training centre
  • spa treatment services
  • catering services
  • spa & wellness
  • electrical network
  • gas network
  • sewage
  • single owner
  • regulated legal status, claim free
  • monitored area
  • property has a notable touristic, landscape, historic or cultural value
  • hotel
  • historic
  • residential
  • services
3,000 m2
very good
  • electrical installation
  • water supply installation
  • gas supply installation
  • sewage installation
  • central heating
  • telecommunication installation
  • lake
  • park
  • sports and recreation area
This hotel is located in the outskirts of the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland ( 30 km ) in the small and quaint village of Paszkowka . On the 4.5 hectare property lie two historic buildings surrounded by a beautiful English-styled garden boasting nationally registered hornbeam, linden, and oak trees lining romantic pathways and the property's boundaries. More information here

Usable floor area of the building 2100 m2
Area of the site 1,5 ha
Number of chambers 13
Number of storeys 3
Last overhaul 1999
Conference halls
Column Hall 30 persons
Mirror Hall 50 persons
Marble Hall 80 persons
Galery 115 persons
Restaurant 90 persons
Bar 30 persons
Full cooking facilities with a professional kitchen

Usable floor area of the building 900 m2
Area of the site 3 ha
Number of chambers 27
Number of storeys 5
Last overhaul 1999
Additional facilities: fitness, sauna, swimming pool

Palace The main attraction of the property is a stunning palace built in the nineteenth century and designed by Felix Księżarski in English neo-gothic style . After the devastation of world war II and the communist period, the building was completely restored and adopted as a luxury hotel and event center in 1999. The building's interior includes three floors and a functional attic creating approximately 2000 square meters of space.
The ground floor includes the historic reception hall and gastronomic facilities : an antique 90-seat restaurant and 40-seat cafe/bar serviced by a fully equipped industrial kitchen. The first floor contains four banquet halls accommodating up to 300 guests, 3 deluxe guest rooms and the modernly decorated private apartment of the owner (100 square meters). The second floor contains 10 deluxe and unique guest rooms. Paszkowka Palace has a standard four stars according to the EU.
Tucked away in the property's garden and blending into its natural surroundings is a rustic and elegant free standing wine cellar.
Granary: Standing directly across from the palace is a building originally built as a granary and since renovated to serve as additional lodging for the complex. This building has a functional area of 900 square meters. It has 4 floors holding 27 guest rooms with a 3-star standard. 22 doubles (9 with balconies ) and 5 singles . The ground floor contains a large fitness room and sauna. Just outside is a relaxing outdoor patio with a Jacuzzi and heated swimming pool.
Just behind the patio, 1.5 hectares of neatly trimmed lawn extends to a secluded fish pond (0,5 hectare) equipped with a dock, island patio and row boat to access it by. The pond creates the southern complex boundary.
17,028,000 PLN
PRICE: 4.000.000 € (according to the euro exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland for the day 4.09.2017 the value of real estate is 17,028.0 00 zł

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