Investment property: A unique palace in the Klodzko Valley for the boutique hotel

A unique palace in the Klodzko Valley for the boutique hotel
Kłodzko GMINA
Owner (direct offer)
  • sale
sale procedure underway
castle, palace, court
4 ha
  • tourism, sport and recreation
  • hotel, conference or training centre
  • guesthouse
  • services
  • electrical network
  • water supply
  • gas network
  • single owner
  • regulated legal status, claim free
  • fenced property
  • monitored area
  • property has a notable touristic, landscape, historic or cultural value
  • architectural conservation supervision required
  • hotel
  • guesthouse
  • historic
  • residential
  • services
2,000 m2
very good
  • electrical installation
  • water supply installation
  • gas supply installation
  • sewage installation
  • central heating
  • telecommunication installation
  • alarm system
  • lake
  • forest
  • sports and recreation area
  • farming area
74 km
95 km
Wroclaw Airport
51 km
A unique palace in southern Poland, in the charming mountain Klodzko Valley, on a steep hill and near important communication routes. Often referred to as the little Ksiaz Castle due to its baroque architecture and its location on a rocky promontory, the Piszkowice Palace is an extraordinary object. Basement cellars date back to the Middle Ages when on the hill there was a Teutonic watchtower - a defensive fort / fortress. The building has been transformed many times since the Renaissance to the 19th century, and now it delights with the beauty of shapely Baroque. A relatively small building comprises about 30 large rooms with frescos and stucco, arched original cellars, huge roof spaces with an original truss and other elements of the original equipment. The palace is being meticulously restored and the renovation is in the finishing phase. Completion of the renovation is planned in the summer of 2018. The undoubted advantage of the residence is the location and therefore the beautiful views - on all the massifs of the Klodzka Valley. South side has a beautiful view of Czarna Gora, Zieleniec and the meadows surrounding Piszkowice. Piszkowice is a village with a rich tradition of two estates, a mill on a rapidly flowing river, and what is rare in the south of Poland, a bathing lake with very clean water.

Gardens and park are an inseparable part of the estate. The southern slope of the palace hill is covered by seven steep terraces with gardens and relics of old gardens. The terraces have been largely renovated and constitute a unique garden assumption comparable only with the nearby Ksiaz Castle. The Baroque Garden is a separate garden located slightly higher than the palace itself, reachable through a representative stairs, and with a fragmented Baroque balustrade. In this garden there is the baroque pavilion of a unique in southern Poland teahouse, also during reconstruction.

Due to the compact shape and size, the palace is suitable for a boutique hotel with 10-15 rooms or a private residence. The current state and finishing stage offers yet a choice of the object’s final destination for the demanding owner with sophisticated taste.

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3,950,000 PLN

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