Investment property: Investment area in Szklarska Poreba for the construction of a hotel

Investment area in Szklarska Poreba for the construction of a hotel
Szklarska Poręba
Szklarska Poręba
Owner (direct offer)
  • sale
sale procedure underway
undeveloped property
0.75 ha
  • tourism, sport and recreation
  • hotel, conference or training centre
  • resort
  • guesthouse
  • holiday apartment
  • services
  • spa treatment services
  • catering services
  • spa & wellness
  • sport objects
  • real estate development - residential
  • electrical network
  • water supply
  • gas network
  • sewage
  • telecommunication network
  • single owner
  • forest
  • sports and recreation area
  • sport objects
  • tourist attractions
  • hiking trails
  • restaurant
  • single-family residential buildings
  • multi-family residential buildings up to 4 stories
Investment plot located in Szklarska Poreba at 1 Maja street. The total area of the plot is 7500 m2. Currently, the plot is divided into four smaller plots. The purpose of the plot resulting from the local development plan of 27.06.2002 (document attached to the investment offer) is TOURIST SERVICES up to 50% of the area, eg hotel services, commercial services up to 50% of space, e.g. hotels and restaurants. The plot in terms of location is ideally suited, for example, for the construction of an aparthotel, service facilities. In close proximity, there are two tourist and commercial facilities Blue Mountain Resort and Cristal Resort Szklarska Poreba.

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